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In partnership with Chaffee Crossing, Christmas Honors is hosting a tribute display consisting of over 18,000 names of every veteran buried at the Fort Smith National Cemetery. This display is a way to say thank you to all those who have served this country.

December 5 – December 28, 2020
Located in the historic area at Chaffee Crossing at 7300 Buckhorn St.
Please remain in your vehicle to allow families to visit without the risk of crowds during COVID times.
The drive is one-way. Please enter off Ward Ave.

Tribute Tips: Tribute Tips:

  • ┬áThe names on the wall-like signs are alphabetical by section. There is a section map at the beginning of the tribute and one midway by the Veteran’s Memorial. When looking for a name, the continuation of the section will likely be across the drive as they were placed on one side then the next group across from that one – progressing as you go down the drive.

Note: Section 18, 28 and Sept. 16-Nov. 30th burial names are out of order and will be the last 2 displays on the drive.


PO Box 10696
Fort Smith, AR 72917