New this year! We need your help in spreading the word about changes to the event on Saturday. This year we will only have ONE ceremony. It will be at 11am – which is the same time of the coordinated ceremonies nationwide at the national cemeteries.

ALL wreaths will be placed AFTER the 11am ceremony. Please do not lay wreaths for families before the ceremony. Immediately following the brief ceremony, the families will be asked to lay their wreaths during the playing of the bagpipes. When the bagpipes conclude, the public will be asked to complete the task Рlaying a wreath on all remaining headstones. Remember: Bagpipes = Family Time Only.

This change was made to for several reasons. Eliminate confusion with multiple ceremonies on the same day. Give the weather time to warm up. Stay in coordination with the nationwide ceremonies. And to encourage all to attend the 30 minute ceremony prior to laying the wreaths.

Donations Needed: Christmas Honors expects to replace the bulk of the 16,500 wreaths next year. This will be a significant financial cost to the organization; therefore fundraising this year is vital to continue the mission of ensuring every veteran is honored each December.

Donate Online:

PO Box 180812, Fort Smith, AR 72918

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